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There are many things to do in Pendleton, Oregon, including a series of repetitive events that offer a taste of true Western life. This pleasant area, which is visited in all seasons, offers a variety of opportunities to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of a river that runs through the city and offers year-round outdoor recreation.

We invite you to rest and experience the warmth and friendliness of the BEST WESTERN Pendleton Inn. Relax in the beautifully decorated lobby with fireplace, enjoy the comfortable heated outdoor pool for swimming or relaxing, or enjoy a private party in one of the many private suites at the hotel. For birthdays and other group events, you can treat yourself to an evening of dancing, music, dancing and dancing in our bar and outdoor restaurant.

The hotel offers a complimentary, full and extended continental breakfast each morning, served in our cozy breakfast room. During your stay, enjoy a complimentary express service to the hotel, which is served in the morning during your stay and includes a rich breakfast, lunch, dinner and a private party in one of the many private suites. Each room is equipped with a comfortable bed, ironing board, bedside table, linen and other amenities, as well as a shower and bathroom.

The hotel is just a short drive from a number of tourist attractions, including the Oregon State Capitol, Portland Museum of Natural History and Portland State University. If you're looking for a scenic ride, you'll want to explore the scenic beauty you'll encounter when you drive along Oregon Route 37 to Highway 730. You can also hike to explore the nearby shopping, restaurants and nightlife in downtown Portland and across the highway.

Downtown Pendleton offers shopping opportunities for all types of buyers, including those looking for brand names. You can also search for lodges that meet your specific needs, such as extended stay hotels, or you can search online by going directly to the hotel's website or by searching the online hotel search engine.

Every Saturday and Sunday, an open-air market is held, offering guests the opportunity to taste local products and regional culinary delights, as well as a variety of food vendors.

One of the country's most popular rodeos, the Pendleton Round-Up, offers a week of parades, concerts and parades. Fun meets education at the Children's Museum of Eastern Oregon, where family-friendly activities and content, as well as food, are on display.

Holiday Inn Express Pendleton is conveniently located at the foot of the Blue Mountains. Located in Umatilla County, it is home to the route through the U Matilla National Forest and offers high desert views along the Columbia River. Located in the hills of Pendleton, this hotel is just a short drive from Oregon State Fairgrounds and a few miles from downtown Portland.

More About Pendleton

More About Pendleton