Pendleton Oregon Restaurants

There are many things to do in Pendleton, Oregon, including a series of repetitive events that offer a taste of true Western life. There are so many great restaurants and bars in the city that you won't want to miss out on a stay in our historic downtown.

You can visit our beautiful arboretum, play disco golf with friends and even find a very affordable cuisine to snack on. Fun meets education at the Children's Museum of Eastern Oregon, where you can find family-friendly activities and activities, as well as food. If you've forgotten your cowboy boots, are envious of the hat, or want a shiny new one, Pendleton can buy you a new one.

Sundown Grill & Bar B & Q is one of the best restaurants in Pendleton with a wide range of food and drinks. The wonderful rib eye is our top recommendation, while you can't go wrong with anything you order from the menu. Combine it with their typical craft cocktails and you've got your money's worth. Our favourites are chicken wings, pork ribs, hot dogs and burgers, as well as beer and wine.

The artwork and craftsmanship of this historic western shop translate well when you visit the relaxed café and steakhouse. Whether it's the tiered steaks or Parley Blair's ranch, the food is as amazing as the decor. If you like to sip wine and marvel at sophisticated art or want to stand as a snail queen for years, this is the place to be.

Located in an old house, this is the perfect place to relax after dinner with a glass of wine, a good beer and a magnificent view of the river. To celebrate a raucous tradition, we've surrounded our favorite restaurants in Pendleton with some of our favorites to fill up the tank after a long day at the rodeo. Located in the heart of downtown, just a few blocks from the Oregon State Fairgrounds, it is a perfect place to walk past all the slot machine noise. It is located in Wildhorse Resort & Casino, which has the typical casino buffet and café style, but there is more.

For the rest of the year, people looking for an inexpensive way to relax can enjoy nearby Cheadle Lake or visit one of the 17 parks. It's easy not to visit during the Pendleton Round-Up and to miss the old Western vibe that this community offers. Whether you visit Hamley Cafe, which offers coffee, breakfast and lunch, or eat at Hamly's Steakhouse and Co, visit all the museums, visitor centres and shops and it feels just like you have visited the "Old West." The residents enjoy this beautiful park, participate in many community events, take guided tours of historic schools and houses and enjoy everything without spending a penny.

Hamleys Steakhouse is a must-see - see the destination for the Tiffany chandelier that greets you when you step inside and the beautiful view of Pendleton when you visit. In the heart of the city, just a few blocks from the Old West Museum, Hamly's and Co. is worth a visit, whether it's for food, gifts, clothing or even a saddle. From there, you can get to Hamley's, but you can also find it on the west side of Portland, a small town that has a history of being found in Pendleton.

Every Saturday, there is an open-air market, which offers guests the opportunity to taste local products and regional culinary delights.

Lovers of fresh, local produce will be delighted to see Damascus hosting a huge farmers "market with live music every week from May. In summer, a farmers market is held on Wednesdays, and numerous gastronomic and wine festivals are held throughout the year. Depending on the season, it hosts festivals celebrating local food, wine, art, music, craft beer and much more. On Saturdays and Sundays, there is an open-air market where shoppers can look for bargains, but even those looking for a snack away from the festival grounds will find China Gourmet, where hot and sour soups are super-hot and delicious.

Pendleton's first-ever craft brewery was a trendsetter, and the IPA here is in the top ten, served with an ale - peeled fish and chips. On the plateau there are local dishes such as mushrooms, wild boar fritters and much more. To kick off the night, Hamley's Saloon House serves whisky from the barrel, but for a more informal meal and to cure a hangover, excellent breakfasts and lunches are served. To visit a coffee and food café that lives up to its name, you don't have to go to the steakhouse to see how the two partners decorate their restaurant.

MacGregor, who is known for the many antique aspects of the building, including the old one - in wood and stone fireplaces and the original wooden floor - says tours are offered, but only if you call ahead.

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More About Pendleton